Hi, my name is TJ Daniels, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I have been dedicated to health and fitness for the past 20+ years. And despite an extremely packed schedule as President & CEO of my company, I always ensure I leave just enough time for my personal health, fitness, and wellbeing. Easily, the question I am most frequently asked is: How do you find time to stay in shape with your schedule? After many conversations on the subject, it dawned on me that there is a lack of quality fitness content available for busy people. In addition, for those who are just getting started, there is a tremendous amount of hesitancy based on the perceived time commitment, which either leads to never getting started or starting and quitting before a routine can become a habit. This is why I started QwikFitness.com.

QwikFitness.com addresses both of these challenges. Our philosophy is simple: Consistency outweighs duration. If you have 60-75 minutes to spend in the gym, that is great. But can you do that every day, and will you still be doing that six months from now let alone six years from now? Often, that answer is no.

Back in the day, I was a gym rat. I played college football, have two championship rings, and have had access to some of the best trainers and programs available for building strength and speed. However, after trading organized sports for weekend adventures, plus having a family, I realized this type of commitment was not sustainable nor was it necessary. After years of trial and error and implementing modified routines, I discovered the real key was consistency.

Today, I spend no more than 25-35 minutes at any given time on fitness. But I stick to the required cadence for the routine I am doing at the time, and I don’t miss a workout. By committing only a portion of what most would consider a workout duration, it allows me to never miss this small investment in myself. Compounding is the key to results, and I will show you how you can commit to fitness for the rest of your life.

Join me and enjoy my tips on all things fitness to get you feeling better physically, and mentally, than you ever could have imagined.

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