The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Bigger Triceps

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If you want larger arms then it’s just as important to work on your triceps as your biceps. The triceps are used in various daily activities and can improve your performance in many different sports.

These muscles also account for around two-thirds of your upper arm, so for a truly sculpted and more full look, working your triceps is essential.

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Bigger Triceps

Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or regular trips to the gym to get bigger triceps. There are many exercises you can do that make use of your bodyweight in order to train these muscles.

In this article, we will look at the 10 best bodyweight exercises to make your triceps bigger and stronger.


We recommend choosing two or three of these exercises and completing 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. Take a 60 to 90 second rest between each set.

Make sure to adequately stretch before attempting any exercises and stop if any discomfort occurs. You can modify any exercise to make them easier if you’re just getting started on your fitness journey.

1. Bench Dips

Bench Dips

Although this exercise does require a little bit of equipment, it is equipment that you can probably find in your home. Start by sitting on a sturdy bench, chair, or table that is around knee height.

Grip the edges of the bench with your hands and lower yourself to the floor, making sure that your arms remain behind you and your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle.

You can keep your knees bent as you do this, or straighten your legs to make the exercises harder. Once lowered, hold it for a couple of seconds before slowly pushing back up.

2. Crab Walk

This exercise works several different muscles at once but it is your triceps that will do most of the work.

Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs bent at the knee and your feet around hip-distance apart.

Position your arms so that they are behind you and place your hands on the floor, palms down and with your fingers pointing towards your body.

Using your hands, lift your hips from the floor and plant your feet so that you are in a reverse table position. From here, begin walking by using opposite hands and feet so your left hand moves with your right foot.

3. Cobra Press Up

Cobra Press Up

Begin by lying on your stomach with your body and legs straight. Place your hands on the mat and press up so that your upper body rises up but your hips and legs remain on the floor.

Your arms should straighten but don’t straighten them completely and don’t lock your elbows. This will not only work out your triceps but is also a great way to stretch out your back.

4. Diamond Pushups

This variation on the old-fashioned push-up is great for working your triceps. Assume a regular pushup position but instead of placing your hands at shoulder width, put them together on the floor in a diamond shape underneath your chest.

Keep your elbows tight to your sides and then slowly lower yourself to the ground. Be careful to not flare out your elbows as you lift and lower your body.

5. Forearm Triceps Extension

This is another pushup variation that will make great use of the muscles in your arms and really focus on your triceps.

Begin by assuming a regular pushup position but space out your feet so that they are hip-width apart to give you a bigger and more stable base.

Place your hands underneath your shoulders but cross them over so that your left hand has its fingers pointing right and vice versa.

As you lower yourself down, your forearms should be parallel with the line of your collarbones. This exercise can put a lot of pressure and strain on your wrists, so be careful and stop if you feel any discomfort.

6. Handstand Pushups

Handstand Pushups

Getting into a handstand position can be a little tricky the first few times you try. The easiest way to do this is to crouch with your back facing a wall and walk your feet up the wall until you are upright.

Once you’re in position, make sure your hands are spaced so that they’re slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows and lower your head towards the floor before pushing back up.

7. Pike Pushup

Assume a downward dog position with your hands shoulder-width apart on the mat, your feet together, and your legs straight.

Keep your hips high and lower yourself down by bending your elbows until your head reaches the ground. Push back up by straightening your elbows so that you return to the starting position.

Make sure that your legs are kept straight and your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You can rise onto your toes instead of keeping your feet flat if that is too difficult.

8. Plank To Pushup

Plank To Pushup

Begin by assuming a plank position with your forearms placed flat beneath your shoulders and your feet together.

From here, push into the ground with your forearms and then rise onto the palms of your hands.

Hold the position for a beat and then lower yourself back down onto your forearms. You can hold the plank position before attempting another pushup.

9. Power Triceps Extension

For this exercise, you will need a solid surface that is about knee height and is strong enough to hold your body weight. You can use a bench, sturdy box, wooden chair, or a table for this.

Face the bench and place your hands on the edge, making sure that you have a firm grip. Step back so that your body is stretched out and lower yourself down by bending your elbows.

You should be on your toes as you move and try to keep your legs straight and hips elevated as you move up and down.

10. Triceps Stretch

Triceps Stretch

This exercise will not only give your triceps a workout but can also help to warm them up for some of the more strenuous exercises in this article.

Stand up straight and place your right hand on your back, below your neck, and between your shoulder blades. Your arm should be bent with your elbow pointing towards the ceiling.

Take a towel, rope, or similar item and loop it around your right hand, making sure that the two ends of the towel are firmly gripped in your left hand.

Use the towel to gently pull down on your elbow as far as it can go, without forcing it too far. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then switch sides.

Final Thoughts

For truly sculpted arms, you need to work your triceps just as much as your biceps. This “three-headed” muscle takes up the majority of your upper arms and is essential for a big and toned look.

There is no need to invest in expensive equipment or a gym membership to get big triceps as the 10 exercises in this article can all be completed without any equipment other than a bench or table.

Make use of these exercises and you will soon see results.

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