7 Best Barbell Exercises For A Strong Core

Last Updated on August 14, 2022 by TJ Daniels, Certified Personal Trainer

Do you want a strong core? If so, then you have come to the right place, as these barbell exercises will get you toned and give you a very strong core!

7 Best Barbell Exercises For A Strong Core

While some believe that six-packs are built in the kitchen, the truth is that they are built in the gym, as abdominal muscles require intense exercise to ensure their definition.

However, this does not mean that common core exercises are always effective, as most will leave certain muscles untouched and overlooked.

So, to combat these issues, you should consider the use of barbells to ensure the pressure and intensity of your core exercises are maximized, as this will allow you to experience the greatest results.

This means that you can train your core from all areas which ensures that each abdominal muscle is toned and precise. 

In the article below, we have compiled a list of the 7 best barbell exercises for a strong core, which can be completed in 30 minutes. 

1. Landmine Rainbow 

For the first exercise on our list, we have chosen the landmine rainbow, which allows fitness goers to hone their muscles using various twists and turns. 

During this workout, you will be able to train your core and arm muscles, as both will be in motion. The method can also be used to improve posture, as it requires the spine and ribs to be kept in a stable position.

To start this exercise, you will need to place one end of the barbell into a landmine. Once the barbell has been secured, face the other side with your arms extended while keeping the bar at eye level.

Hold the barbell in both hands and turn to the side without moving your rear or shoulders. Change sides and repeat the process. 

If you exercise at an advanced level, you can make the workout harder by adding some plates to the barbell. 

2. Barbell Rollout 

When it comes to rollout exercises, you will need to extend your body as much as possible, as this will ensure strong core muscles. 

In most cases, trainers will use a barbell for these exercises, as this makes it easier to perform and really stretches out your midsection. Barbells also come with the additional benefit of increased resistance so you will see results faster and be on your way to that six-pack. 

To start this exercise, you will need a barbell with plates on both sides. Get on your knees and hold the barbell with both hands while pushing your hips forward. During this process, you will want to get as low to the ground as possible.

It is also important that you squeeze your glutes and keep your hips straight. You will then need to return to the starting position by moving backward with the barbell. 

It is also possible to make this exercise harder through the addition of smaller and heavier plates. 

3. Barbell Side Bend 

If you are interested in toning your oblique muscles, then you should consider this simple exercise. 

While it is possible to perform this move with a dumbbell, we would recommend using a barbell for more extreme results. This is because a barbell is able to increase the intensity on both sides, as it is heavier and allows you to extend your arms.

In contrast, dumbbells can be held at your side and are much easier to lift. 

To start this exercise, you will need to hold the barbell behind your neck, in a similar position to a back squat. Stand with your feet in position with your shoulders and bend your torso to the side while attempting to get the barbell almost vertical.

You can then perform the same move on the alternate side. Make sure you are not going too heavy and ensure your clips are on tightly so your weights don’t slide off the bar.

4. Barbell Straight-Leg Sit-up 

Despite its name, this move should not be confused with a traditional sit-up, as it doesn’t shorten your hip flexors or roll your shoulders. Instead, you will need to move with your torso in a neutral position, which will work to tackle your core. 

This exercise is easier than most and involves stretching out on the floor while keeping your bottom limbs extended. You will need to hold the barbell overhead with both hands and in position with your shoulders.

During this move, you will need to keep your arms extended as you lift your torso and move into a sitting position. It is important to keep your legs extended and your back in a neutral position. 

5. Zecher Squat 

When it comes to core exercises, there’s nothing more demanding than the zecher squat, which tackles both the leg and stomach muscles. This is because the move requires you to hold the barbell in the front, which attacks your core as you remain in a tall and secure position. 

To start, you will need to place the barbell in the crook of your elbows and hold it flush to your chest. Stand with your feet in position with your shoulders and move your feet in an outward direction.

Squat down by spreading your knees and lowering yourself while keeping the weight on your heels. Rise into the original position and make sure to keep your lower back flat and your shoulder blades tight together. 

6. Barbell Overhead Carry 

When toning your stomach muscles, weight carries are a must-do exercise, as it can condition your core and make it very strong. For this list, we have chosen the overhead carry, which can increase the intensity on both the abdominals and oblique muscles.

7 Best Barbell Exercises For A Strong Core (1)

This is because they require you to use every abdominal muscle in your body! 

To perform this exercise, you will need the hold the barbell overhead with both hands, while maintaining your arms in a semi-locked position. During this move, your ribs and lower back should not flare or arch, as this could lead to injury. If you do happen to get tired, you can lower the weight on your traps.

7. Single-Arm Landmine Press

This overhead press is a somewhat underrated exercise, even though it can be used to tone your abdominal muscles. However, your core will also need to brace for the impact of the extended weight, which means you will need to keep your torso in a secure and stable position.

If you choose to move the barbell with one arm, it will also increase this stability and achieve more core work. 

To start, you will need to place one end of the barbell into a landmine and then stand at the other end facing the pole. Hold the other end with one arm and rest it near your shoulder.

Once you have done this, you can move the barbell overhead without turning it too much. For the best results, you should complete all your reps and then move to the other side, shooting for 3 sets on each side of 30 reps each set.

You can even make this exercise harder by adding more weight to the barbell and working with smaller plates overall. 

Final Thoughts 

Working on your core takes time and effort, but it can lead to some stellar results.

With these amazing barbell exercises, you will be able to tone your stomach muscles and give them an intense workout, which can be completed in about 30 minutes with the right approach and passion. 

Just make sure you stay safe and take breaks when needed.

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